As an adoptee myself, and an adoptee parent, I want to encourage everyone to know that even though you may have little information, and your search appears hopeless it is not always the case. There is always hope and help out there. You just need someone who knows how to help you, someone like myself.


Feb, 2024
Hi Sharon I can still scarcely believe that you found my son in a few short weeks, although he had changed his name and moved a number of times.
You were so reassuring throughout the process and I am so very grateful for the positive result.
It feels like a miracle that something I've only dreamed about for many years has finally become real.
Thankful, Nancy
March 2022
After years of being on the fence I finally decided to take the plunge and search for my birth mother. I tried on my own but hit many road blocks. I found Sharon online and was very happy to hear her story and that she took the time to understand my situation. References checked out and the process began. Not only did she successfully locate my birth mother she found all sorts of family history that was important to me. Her advice on how to manage expectations and to best approach my birth mother were invaluable.
I have now reconnected with my birth mother and things have gone great. Regardless of the outcome Sharon's service has been a great investment and I am extremely thankful for all that she has done for me.
For anybody that has any hesitation I highly recommend you give Sharon a call and you will know right away that she is a professional and doing this for all the right reasons!
Feb 26, 2020
Hello, I thought I would give you a update . 3 years ago you sent me info on my birth mother, on her birthday :) We have a great relationship and have celebrated her birthday with her every year. Thank you again so much for helping me find her, it has brought closure to so many questions in my life and has made my life so much richer thank you L.
Jan 27, 2020
I would strongly recommend the expertise and help of Sharon Chianelli and her connections for reuniting and finding a missing family relative such as an adopted child or a parent.
After a 53 year search on my part to find my birth daughter with every means available over the years, I finally decided to reach out to a professional for help and contacted Sharon. Sharon persisted with determination and commitment and was able to locate where my daughter lived, her address, phone number and lots of information about the adoptive parents and relatives. This was a big plus even though the adoptive parents had both passed away. Reading their obituaries made me realize and feel how lucky I was to find out my daughter was raised by a kind, loving and caring couple who really wanted children but for some reason didnít have children of their own. I was so pleased and over the moon to find out this great news!
Not only that, but Sharon provided the first picture of my daughter. This was a thrilling and a very emotional moment because the resemblance to my family was remarkable! I was so pleased to see her looking so happy and healthy because you always wonder what has happened to your long lost child. I felt instantly grateful to the loving adoptive parents who raised her and gave her the great care and attention that I couldnít have given her at the time she was born. Sharon worked along with us in pursuing the goal of finding my daughter even when the prospects looked bleak. There were a few lulls in this very difficult detective search, but we all persevered and Sharonís tenacity, expertise and good connections won the day in finding my long awaited, dream daughter.
This has just happened and we are still working on a reunion with Sharonís valuable advice taken into account. We will approach this with feelings of consideration and sensitivity and go slowly to ensure my daughter feels pleased to proceed. We will try to make this is a positive experience for all concerned!
A heartfelt and sincere thank-you Sharon for all your help!!!


Jan 2019
Yes, it's true - I'm a real adoptee and Sharon helped me locate my birth family. I was very happy with the results. I was super skeptical so I asked for references which I contacted all of them and I could tell the people giving the references were genuine so I went forward. It wasn't an easy task locating my birth family and I actually wasn't able to reach out directly to my birth mother as she had moved to another province in Canada and in this day and age with cell phones it was an even harder challenge to pinpoint a location. I was able to reach out to a 1/2 brother - which wasn't my preference as I wanted to reach my mother first. My brother was extremely helpful and asked our mother if a meeting would be possible. Thankfully, a positive response, the very next week my brother and I were on a plane and I visited my mother in person. This reunion was wonderful, transformative and really helped me with that last piece of the puzzle of my identity. I'm at peace, I'm happy and I'm so glad I continued to search. I welcome you to contact me through Sharon, you'll hear my genuine story and understand why this journey was important to me.


Dec 2018
In this day and age it is often difficult to trust someone whom you have only ever met via the internet, but I took a leap of faith and asked Sharon to help me find my birth mother, and I am so glad I did.
I have to say the entire process took longer than I expected, but I think that was more due to the fact that my birth mother had moved overseas. I had almost given up hope when Sharon contacted me to say that although my birth mother passed away the previous year, she had managed to find relatives who could provide information about my half sister, who had also moved overseas.
Sharon was very helpful in facilitating the initial contact with my relatives. She has been very supportive and encouraging, and as a result of her vast experience in dealing with this delicate and sensitive situation she was able to provide valuable advice. Sharon was very discrete and, as she is also an adoptee, I felt that added an extra layer of compassion and understanding. I so appreciate all of Sharon's hard work, because I am sure that without her efforts I would not have found my half sister.


I just want to say as I read these testimonials in finding Sharon I wondered if they where genuine . I am here telling you if you are reading this, she is the real deal .We had long given up hope of ever finding my husbands family as records were sealed . We put our names on an wait list when legislation changed and were very hopeful and happy that the gov't agency would conduct the Search for us . We were told it was a few years wait list ,but were very hopeful as it was the first glimmer of hope we had in a very long time . As the final years approached we had received heartbreaking info that the agency was no longer conducting searches due to loss of funding. So after waiting many months we received a envelope with a name and old address and that was it . We searched for 3 days online and making calls ,found nothing ... that's when I decided to search for private adoptee searcher and that's when Sharon's name kept popping up . I debated my options and decided to go for it . The end result is she found my birth family and we couldn't be happier !


Hi Sharon
I have met my birthmother. We met for about 4 hours. I asked her all about her life,( nothing about my father ) she didn't really ask anything about my life or my kids. I was kinda disappointed in that. But later she said she hadn't slept the nite before. , was really nervous . So was I. Lol. We parted ways with saying we'll meet again , no definate plans. I gave her a hug. She was awkward. The next day we were texting. She asked if we were on the way home I said not yet. And I hope we stop at a greenhouse on the way home, I said I needed more perennials , she responded well would you want to stop in here , I'll give you some of mine (perennials) , so we did my hubby was super excited that he got to meet her as well. went and saw her home. , got some flowers . She invited us to spend the nite. When we left I hugged her again and she hugged me back this time. So I see a relationship happening .

May 2017

Hi Sharon,
I met my birth mom at a park in between where we both live, it was her suggestion, and a great one! We spent three hours sitting on a park bench getting to know one another, it truly could not have been more perfect. It was better than I ever could have imagined and I feel so lucky to have been able to finally meet her. I was pleasantly surprised how easy she was to be with and how much I thought we are alike in our demeanour and outlook on life. She doesn't have any information to share about my dad, but I don't care, meeting her was more than enough for me. Thank you so much for helping me, I could not have done this without you. Also, she said the letter you helped me draft was perfect! She said she started writing back but in the end it was easier to just pick up the phone and call me. Keep up the good work, the work you do is so important!!

~Robin, May 2017

After much thought I contacted Sharon to assist me in locating my birth mother. Sharon was professional, thoughtful and efficient throughout our relationship and she provided me with a wealth of information that would have taken me years to retrieve. I am very appreciative of the work she did on my behalf and am pleased to recommend her to anyone embarking on their own search.


I am a birth mother who gave up a beautiful baby girl for adoption more than 44 years ago. Through those guilt ridden anxious years I never stopped looking at strangers who resembled me, wondering if just maybe... And I followed up on every avenue that might have allowed her to find me, consoling myself when she didnít with the belief that she didnít need me. However, I never stopped needing to know that she was all right and I never stopped wanting to know if her adoptive parents had given her a loving and supportive home. Hope came when the Ontario Government changed its adoption laws to allow a birth parent access to the adopted name of his or her child if a veto order was not on record. I applied and got a name. Then even greater hope came when I found Sharon Chianelliís web site, Adopted-We-Search, and a return email from her said "yes, she could help". And she did, most successfully. Today, with Sharonís guidance and her advice to "go slowly"I waken every day with a smile. My birth daughter and I have emailed, talked on the telephone and had a visit. She has thanked me for finding her. Some might call this a miracle. I call it the wonderful result of hard work, vision and creativity on the part of a lovely lady who, even though her own search for her birth mother did not end as she wished, has dedicated her life to helping others fulfill their dreams of reunions. I can never thank Sharon enough.

Cecelia, June 2011

Sharon was very professional. She helped me find my birth mother very quickly. Once my birth mother was found, Sharon also helped guide me as to how to proceed with connecting with her. She followed up to see how I was doing, multiple times and she help me navigate through the emotional journey with wise advice and a listening ear.


I have heard from my daughter whom you located for me in 2014. She wrote back to me two years after my letter to her. I also had sent her two birthday cards.
It is the best news and I feel such joy! She is happy , her adopted family was good to her - she said sheís had a happy life.
The process now will be for us to communicate by letter (and email at some point) and I feel sure that we will eventually meet.
Again I am so grateful to you for finding her. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Here are a just a couple of examples of cases I have solved

A gentleman came to my office wanting to find his birthmother. He stated he had tried everything he could think of but to no avail. He was frustrated and tired. His own job was very demanding and he felt he had no more time to give to search further on his own. I asked what he did for a living and to my amazement he said that he owned his own Private Investigation Agency!
I solved this case in two days.
Why you ask was he not able to do the same? The answer is that he wasnít using the right tools. He was good in his area of investigation but, adoptees and birthparents arenít people trying to hide, they were just unfortunate to have had a personal situation in their lives..

Another case I found interesting was the time

A young man hired me to create a "personal search package" for his specific case, which I did. This, of course, is a very affordable way to search if you have the time and inclination.
He left my office very enthused. His last name at birth fortunately for him was rather unusual. His birthmother was a widow, a hairdresser and lived in the area where he was born. The client called two weeks later, said he had found two women who shared the same last name, both widows but neither was the right one. He was at a loss. I asked him "did you search for a hairdresser with that name" as he had been advised to do. Answer of course was no. Once he did that he had success, his birth mother, when he made contact, was thrilled to be found.
  • I conduct a preliminary search on every case before I take on a client, since I do not want to offer anyone false hope.
  • Discretion is always used, especially now with the new Privacy Laws that have come into effect.
  • When I conduct a search it is very rare that anyone is ever aware that they are being searched for. I believe this to be a very private issue, something that you personally may wish to reveal in your own time frame.
  • It is an emotional experience for everyone involved and needs to be approached with great care.